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About Us

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The Apple Manor Press has been reprinting hard to find classic genealogy and local history books since 2004 and its founder has been doing genealogy research much longer than that.  With the digital age, genealogy is becoming much easier and less expensive yet there is still a need to have quality genealogy books in a concrete, printed form for easy reference or sharing.  We provide quality facsimile reprints with each page an exact visual reproduction of the corresponding page of the original book.  This ensures that when you quote from one of our copies, or verify a reference someone else has made in their work, that the same information will be found, with the exact same spelling and formatting on the exact same page in either book.  Electronic books often reformat the text to fit the page size of your reader and thus can not always be reliably used as a direct reference.  There is noting like trying to verify that information came from page 456 of a certain book only to find that what is on page 456 depends on  your screen size and the text size setting on your reader.  If you can't find the information again you have to assume  that the reference may be wrong and that can result in a lot of hard work going down the drain.